Hypnotising, Mesmerizing

Weaving, in and out
the watch moved, first left
then right
“Concentrate”, she said

Not quiet, but struck dumb
not moving, not speaking
just following her ways
her hands moved to the rhythm
of the timepiece

“Tick, Tock Tick”, she intoned
like a metronome, my eyes followed
her movement, her eyes moved
in touch with the sound of her heart
Tick, Tock, Tick,
my eyes began to close, dreaming awake
dreaming and yet,

The sound of water running
splashing, retracting
currents flowing, deepened pools
dark, with her lips moving
along the shores, painted with colors
deep purple, indigo,
the multi-colored sands rippled and fell
as if there were small fish
biting at my toes,
I wanted to run away, but my feet dug down
into her sands, resting along
the warmth of her shores,

Tick, Tock,Tick
the sands of the clock ran upwards
taking me back to the place where we met
I couldn’t see her, but felt her presence,
the walk along, the chance meeting
losing myself as her eyes changed color
washing out the days into night’s passion
our fingers interlocked, grasping
while my gasping for air
only made her

When she smiled, the room began to spin,
taking the angles and the walls,
and mixing them thus, while metronomes flew
about my head, telling me that my time
my time was finite on this dark marbled

“No escape for you” she told me over
and over again, as if this life were continuous
non-ending, non-repeating, just waves
flowing along the sandy shores,
reflecting orange and infra-red,
the ultra-blue of her eyes, while I awakened
to the sound of the timepiece ticking,

Tick, Tock, Tick

I longed to sleep
not just a restful doze,
a bountiful re-awakening
a long awaited journey, friends
not met for ages and ages,
telling stories, we had forgotten
meeting lost lovers and telling them
that life wouldn’t have been so rich
and so meaningful, without the way
that they touched us, and then
we parted, but differently than before
leaving regrets and hateful words behind
with only the goodness left over,

I turned over in my sleep
the resting of my eyes, meeting
the ultra-blue of hers, as she swung the timepiece
back again, twisting time backwards, back to the time
when we first had met, us shaking hands,
loving and grasping, the hearts that bound us
together forever, time forwards and back,
the ticking of the timepiece, taking, making my mind
remember, of when we met

the first time…

Tick Tock Tick

Her story was fading, as dreams do as well
when the day’s light wakes us
and try as we may,
to capture those images, those waking dreams
those memories, forgotten,

The first time, never can we return to

The first time…