I took a measure
the length the sky
an obvious thing
for something so large
and so near,
Stretching my arms
from horizon A
to horizon B,
and measuring,
I felt, I thought
the sky was a bit ragged
on the A-end, and too soft
on the B-end
too much for my liking, but as
we all are different, thinking
living, being, then someone
would probably like the unevenness
of my sky measure,
What is the measure of someone?
the length of their patience, or the width
of their humanity?
How do I measure up to others?
If I were an A-person in a B-person’s space
or, if I chanced to save someone from them self
would I measure differently, than I do now?
It makes more sense to measure something
that is visible, like the sky, then to judge others
as to their worth in the eyes of others,
their measure in this greater sphere
called life,
I decided in the end
to walk the length and breadth
of the sky, taking into account
the vastness of humanity around me,
and what that number and value
should be, as compared to the lesser
the smaller value, some would like to call