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A Scandi Life

Recently I have seen a lot of articles in magazines about the Danish concept of Hygge. We also have a Swedish word for it which is called mys. But what is it really? What is it that you have to do to achieve hygge? The truth is, it’s not really that easy to define because it can be a lot of things. It can be sitting at home in your couch with a glass of wine and some blankets wrapped around you or it can be having a walk in nature just enjoying all the beauty that surrounds you. Or going to a coffeehouse with some close friends and just talk about life and everything that’s going on at the moment. Or relaxing by the fire with a good book. Or having a hot bubble bath with some lighted candles. Or…you get the point,  Here is what I think is…

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Not Wanting

Not wanting
to be cruel,
but as life demands
taking my time
away from you,
things tend to be
cruel, and unjust
those things between
you and I, what we know
what we’ve known,
hard to explain
or, make excuses
but circumstances,
you know, dictate
how I, and how you
exist in this life,
and how we exist
away from each others

Away from what we know,
what we feel, what we think
what seems fair, what others know
how this life gives and takes away,
how we exist, in the memories of others
how we
want, and don’t want
being, not in control
being, not connected

Away from what we know….

In The Mists

while others looked
being almost invisible
in the mists
while others looked
the water droplets formed
along my skin, clinging
while others looked
wanting never to resurface
wanting never to be found
wanting never to see the sun
while she shared this part of the earth
together with me,
while others looked for me
I found a new place to hide
a new place to hide my emotions
my emotional response to her lack
of the same,

Being almost invisible
in the mists, while she
while she, and the others looked
for me….

Fighting Apathy

When things
are easy, comfortable,
right at hand,
no need to change
the status quo,
Being complacent
a sense of well-being
not worrying about today,

Fighting apathy
a noble battle
in the course of one’s
self realization
the ability to change
the things we want
to change,

Feeling satisfied
with things being
the way they are
is no crime
in itself,

Accepting them
where we are
in this stage of our lives,
but allowing
for the possibility
of change,

Fighting apathy
never as easy,
as things the way they are
the way, they remain,

Fight for yourself
and no one else

This is your fight

Driving, the Title Escapes Me

Wanting to remember
the last song in my mind, while
the miles turned kilometers
rolled on by,
what is the point
with measuring distance
when I never seem to get
to the last rest stop in my memory?
Face pressed to the glass,
the images
the trees bend and break
while their shapes elongate
along the sides of my sight,
the radio blares in the background,
in which language, being hard to say,
as long as the melody follows the words
which follow the melody again,
cracking the window
just a bit of distance
from top to bottom,
allowing the rush of air, echoing
in and through that place where,
my memory stopped and rested a bit
not wanting to continue the journey
not wanting to lose track of where I’d been
not wanting to lose sight of where I was going,
The glass is cold
and fogs up as my breath, appears
showing me that I am alive, still
until this distance is finished
until this amount of time has moved me along
until this breath, in and out
heart beating still, mind aware and active

Just driving
the title escapes me
the name, for want of something better
this stretch of life

This stretch of the road…

Smashing Gnomes

Gnomes anyone?
They seem to be everywhere
especially in Germany,
while I am in Denmark,
smashing, into little tiny pieces
my unpleasant side, showing
the nasty in me
wanting out
venting anger
at garden gnomes
the problem being, though
their absence,
Tricky little devils
appearing without notice
just not when I am around
With my hammer,
hanging in my belt,
resembling those
that I wish to harm
a parody of myself
not wanting a response
from others wanting
to smash me….