Freeze Him Out!

I told her

“Stay away from him
deny him your pleasures
be wary of his advances,
don’t fall for his lies,”

Stick close by me,
I’ll protect you

Speak your mind,
once and for all!

Oh, by the way
when he comes home
for dinner,

I’ll be right behind you
in the next room
with the door locked
on the inside,

-when you tell him, what we think
about him….


Like 2 Sides

We were like 2 sides
she said,
2 sides of the same coin,

I knew, she’d leave me
and leave me, she did
back into the arms
his arms, his embrace
I knew, she would

We were, together as one
“flip a coin” she laughed and said
“tails you lose, heads I win”
Darn her, always right, you see?

She had that look
the one that told me
that leaving, she would
and she did,

He was the sensible
the rock, the stability
she needed,

I was her fun, her laughter
champion of the heart
but win, I did not

We are like 2 sides
the same coin, the same thoughts
no matter how things fell, crashing down,
we were together in the end,

Just not now, not forever
the pain of losing,
more than once, the pain
that ate into my heart
my soul,

I cannot flip a coin,
not anymore,
not without thinking:

Tails, she won,
heads, I lost

If Life

If only life
weren’t any less simple
than telling the people
around me
what I felt about them
how I enjoyed living each day
what brought me joy and laughter,

If only, I could say
how the most simple things
contain the greatest intricacies,
knowing how someone, special
makes life worth living, regardless
of the turning and troubles
of this great big globe
and all the lives contained
on it,

If only by writing
these few words,
rather poor in the richness
of the language,
if only they could make
the difference between
a good day, or a bad one

If only,
I could change the course
of life for one person
to the better,

If only


She Cried, When I Said

“I Love You!”

She always cried when I said
things like that
grabbing her head
running about,
yelling and screaming,

“You’ve hit the nail on the head, this time”

I hid my hammer behind my back,
hoping that she’d forget
what I just had said….


So Fair and Free, For Me

Sifting and drifting
on a breeze,

Hold my hand
A slight squeeze

A smile appears
and we both see,

It’s true, I know

I love you

February 1976. San Francisco, Ca.


Being Unfair

I wish
you would stop
missing me,

You are very
not letting me
miss you
as well,

If we
can agree
on a common course,

We could miss
each other
and without
or further
of being

in a one-sided


Back Then, Seeing the Younger You

Who were you
way back when
looking at the camera
being young, and yet,

Did you see into your future
just waiting for the moment
to break free from those around you
wanting to mold you into what they

Who am I
looking at the you, then
wondering what life held in store
for you
waiting for that moment
that breath of time, when
when our lives would cross,

Did you know how difficult
you were when we met?

Did you know how much work it was
winning you over to me, to my side?

Did you know that it would be the turning point
for your life and mine?

Back then, in that photograph
when I saw the younger you
smiling as if,

As if you knew, somehow…


I Wish, We Had Been Lovers

I wish, we could have spoken
about those times together
when we found each other
when we discovered love,

I wish, we had taken the chance
to fulfill the longing
the chance to find the one
the one who we knew
was out there,

I wish, we had thrown caution
to the winds, forgetting
the day today,
the consequences, tomorrow
the ones we knew, the ones who trusted
us to be true,

I wish, we had been lovers
pledging our love, forsaking all
not wanting, nor expecting
not fearing the pain
of separation, again

I wish, oh how I wish
I had been strong enough
to break the bonds
of fidelity, to change my destiny

I wish, you were beside me now
smiling and nodding, knowing
about decisions, made
and promises, kept
knowing our choices
were the right ones to make

I wish, oh how I wish….


Shark Patrol

The sharks were out tonight
patrolling the quiet streets
of Northern Denmark

Everyone, honest or not
kept themselves occupied inside
watching mindless TV
and drinking cups of
Danish Tea

I wanted to go out
and swim with them
-just a short while
crossing fins with them
for Auld Lang Syne,

My wife though,
thought otherwise,
and kept my thoughts occupied
with tails of small dogs
and woes of being a widow

Along the lonely shores
of the last place,

I swam at…..


The Dog Howled

I threw my shoe,
which I needed
to run after him
as he, and it fell
out of my window,
at 32 feet per second
per second
waiting for a yelp
I calculated the distance
while running downstairs,
to catch my shoe,
and not get hit
by the dog,

My goodness
isn’t Physics