Kicking a Stone

Kicking a stone
along the road
one of many, leading
along many stones,
Looking up, I saw
the blue in the sky
not any particular shade
nor hue, or slice
a slice of blue, carved
with my knife, sitting eating
a sunny day’s lunch, napkin
tucked, fork, knife spoon,
the table set for two, but I
was alone, contemplating
the road stones, the blue hues
and my missing luncheon companion,
Kicking a stone
not large or small,
not round, nor flat,
the stones flying upon my table
landing on my plate
ready to be sliced
into thin slices of blue hues,
with my napkin tucked in
my shirt, pressed and white
enjoying a conversation
with myself,
“Try them” I told myself
as I bit into the soft centers
of my blue hue stones, waiting
for someone to sit across from me,
elegantly dressed, waiting for
someone like me
to cut a piece of the sky……..