The words we use
are never enough
to express what lies
behind a smile,
the thought of which
created by such
a random thought
of someone who just
invaded my thoughts
on a cloudless day
the breezes blew,
the birds sang, while I
hummed a tune, of someone
who crossed my mind’s street
and paused in the intersection
chancing fate, that I
didn’t turn my head, ignoring
who was coming at me,
and in that instant, I called out
to an idea, which had been mine
for an endless time of thoughts
and dreams, which seemed never
to reach my consciousness in time,
waking with a smile, made me wonder
what lay behind her smile muscles
waiting for this moment to break out?
The words we use, are never enough
to say what we feel, what needs to be said
at the right moment in time, when everything
feels right, and all the emotions are in place
with what you want, and what I want being
what determines which words to use,

The right words saying
the right things, what
we want them to say….