Loose Change

wanting a bit of loose change
or a map, folded
showing me the way
to her house long ago
I wanted to feel the creases
along the edges, like I felt her hand
in mine,
we drove that car
until the road claimed it
for its own,
walking in proper shoes,
on a gravel road, wishing
for something less proper
to guide us along to the next town
the next motel, the next night
lying in each others arms while
our shoes steamed off to one side
screaming for mercy, yelling in ecstasy,
calling her name, calling our love
pledging, wishing, writing her name
next to mine,
feeling the moment, of her by my side,
walking down the aisle, along the road,
saluting that car, as it gassed its last
moments on this earth,
and I looked at her, and held that map
no, not an app in my hand, when looking and
loving was much more important
than looking at facebook, writing that
last blog, waiting for the next series,
the TV keeping me up for fear of falling asleep,
but when I finally woke up next to you, and
my future thoughts faded, as the map
which finally fell apart, but we stayed together
a story which no writer needed to write, no blogger
needed to post, nobody needing to deny our love

I felt around for some loose change, or a map, creased
which reminded me, why we got together in the first place,
I had a car, and you had a dream, and we shared our dream
and walked into the sunset, like lovers do

Like lovers do..