Walking a Walk

Taking a walk
to her house, her place
her lifestyle pleases
and tempts me inside

She wants, she needs
I only want her, I’ve walked
a walk beside her house
her life, her needs wanting
her to want

Stopping by chance
to tie my shoe, to look about
a glance upwards, to stare a bit
to lie in wait, a waiting game
that wanters play,

I chanced upon
her door, her porch
admiring her flowers, her blooms
her hastily potted plants
her rocking chair, looking
lonely for someone like me

Placing my ear
to the wood, the door jamb
the entry point, the exist chased
out of her life, her heart
my walking, walked away,

My doubts took a breather
a moment of time to light
a cigarette, to have a smoke
while casually waiting a moment
or three, waiting for a chance
for a non-smoker like me,

I raised my hand
to knock a knock
to raise my hopes
and douse the flames
of my doubts,
I know, she knows me
but want me, clear is not
as all of the wants,
and the fears
that surround my head,
and my heart

One day as I was walking
a walk, in one particular way
a direction of thought
one of wanting, and loneliness
wanting nothing more
and being less than that
someone to share my time
my, our time together

Walking a walk with her….