How much do you know me
my eye color, my favorite dish
the way I did that
when I was 5 year’s old?

How much do we know
about the secrets we keep?
the dark sides of us,
the hidden sides too,
what do you really know
of who I am?

How did you do that?
when you were young as well
when you didn’t know me
or, want to
even if I danced in front of you
waving my red flag
wearing my heart
on my sleeve

How much do we really want
to reveal of ourselves
how much of the past
what we were, once
who we loved
why we are, who we are

The things, I won’t admit to others
probably are the same
that I won’t admit to myself
we are so complex
in how we think, what we know
how we love

Even how we want
to be loved…

And that might be
the greatest secret

of them all…..