In reading about “Rosie Culture*”.
a lizard
jumped into my thoughts
cold-blooded and
unmoving nearly,
staring in a reptilian way

My latent lizard needs
began to scream from the closet
let me out, set me free!
but there was no lizard
-you see

Having latent lizard thoughts
seemed to be gnawing at me
but they seemed to be hidden
from my sight, and bandaged leg

My friend didn’t understand
“you might as well have 2 lizards”
laughing and joking, as if it were
a dirty joke,
“then you could be comforted by them!”

Having 2 latent lizards though
was a comforting thought, all the same
when one was sleeping, the other could be
well…whatever latent lizards do in their spare time?

I envied Rosie and her lizard way too much
I might as well, have longed for something more
in my life, using the lizard theme as my guide,

Lizards anyone? No, of course not
being latent and all, I might as well have
latent girlfriend desires, while in the middle
of my marriage?
Time will tell as they say, showing me if those
latent desires will surface in the end….

It might be easier, owning those lizards
than having to explain my other latent desires
to my wife…..