My girlfriend was not one
for many words
she felt that one word
could sum things up
one small thought
one idea,

“Nuts!” Was the word of the day
“Hazel, Wal, or Pea?”
I thought, I was getting better
communicating on her terms?
“Nuts”, she repeated, and pointed at me

I was confused,
Almonds were nuts, but not by name
Pecans as well,

I racked my brain,
“Pea”, you know, but nothing helped
Roasted, salted, honey-covered?

She only got red, one word, in her face
“You”, she said pointing at me
“Yes, I know who I am”, I said trying to
help her difficulty with the concept that
is me,

She seemed at a loss
for words that is, plural, more than one
this was the true test of our relationship

I had actually waited for one or two
carefully placed words, like “sex”, small word,
larger than life meaning, not always available
largely overrated, often confusing,

She might have waited for 3 words, 3 comprising a short
sentence, vigorously used, sung about, written about,
misused often in order to gain, the word in the previous

She seemed confused as well,
I realized that we needed to take this subject
standing up, instead of lying down
which seemed to help her mind work better
while mine worked worse,

Too many words between us
will not a good relationship make,

Nuts? Whatever she meant with that…….


Author: notthedane56

My early morning thoughts have been spilling out upon my virtual paper, still free of worldwide computer vira, as far as I know? Just think, if my words actually were the result of an infection, corrupting and twisting the truth as others know it? Sounds a bit like blogging...

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