Saving the Moment

Saving the moment
independent of time
much like the minutes
in a sigh, or the seconds
of my heart beating
next to yours,

Time is fleeting
images past, fleeing from
my eyes,
my mind being tired
of remembering, what she did

In the moments, we shared
was I counting the minutes turned seconds
or, did I forget to register
other than her hand against my chest?
The moments, I’ve wasted
years turning, hours waiting
her plane to land, her plane to leave
she’s gone from this moment
this time

My words reflect
1000 times that I’ve thought
of her and what she might be doing,
living, breathing just away
from my line of sight, out of earshot
just down the road, where it turns
around the corner, over the next hill

Just existing a moment, or perhaps two
away from me now, existing still
in the moment
of my memory…