Lost in the Conversation

“Ow”, I said and pointed
“Your neck?” she said,
“Yes”, not thinking, but saying
“I was probably just being too kinky,”

She said, “when were you kinky?”
I replied, “It started at work”
but really meant the pain, starting there
“Who were you being kinky with?”,
sounding mad and concerned

“Let’s back up” I said, which made her say
“Were you backing into someone, when it happened?”
“It’s not what you think, it wasn’t anything”, I said laughing
which made her a bit more upset, prompting her response:
“You might think that it is funny, but you were not kinky with me”

I tried to remember, why I said “kinky” in the first place, which
made this simple conversation rather serious, bordering on
when and how we were going to break up!
If only I had said, “blogging too much, or having slept wrong, but
“kinky” was the word of the day, and by God, I used it!

-and that is where, I got lost in the conversation…..