Growing Colder

My cup of coffee
growing colder as I write
listening to Pink Floyd, Coming Back to Life,
I don’t know why discovering a song
from 1994, genuinely pleasing and relaxing
should have hidden itself from me, all these years?
What could have distracted me, 23 years ago
to make me wait, until now to enjoy something so much?
My coffee grows incessantly colder
as time skips a beat, cheating me out of that moment,
being distracted by another,
Sometimes too much coffee wasted
on other things that more important seemed,
at that time, when I was out loving someone else
than her,
She didn’t know me back then, all those years ago
but perhaps a part of her, projected herself
into my future space, telling me that she really did exist
and waited for me to hear that song, distracting me,
taking me into her virtual arms,
Thinking not necessarily of 1994, but the coffee exists
as does she, while I listen to the music fade away….