The constant bark of the dog
and meowing of the cat
made me think how noise
seems to be the only constant
in this part of the Solar System

Forgetting for the moment
the Speed of Light
or Planck, to name a name
it seems as if the calm of my mornings
or, starry nights of my evenings
replace the otherwise constant
noises of my life,

The almost silent tap
of my keyboard, reflecting
what thought escaped for that moment
or, wondering, if she thought about me
at the same point in time?

My thoughts also not constant
with my mind seeking daily
reasons for, and mystery of
what she seems to quiet my life

There still being time
for violent confrontations
my mind not comprehending
of magic lacking reason
of the heart and its ways
lacking sensibilities, notwithstanding

Finding an universal explanation
a meaningful explanation of
my thoughts, which decided have
coming repeatedly back to
the thoughts circling about