What, I Didn’t Want

Not always knowing
what I want, stops me
from wanting more,

what I need
from what I want,
how I love,
who I want,
to spend my time with
how to live, how to die
when to experience,
where to go,

My mind wanders along
different language shores
playing with words,
meeting, learning, wanting
writing what my mind’s eye
sees, and what it doesn’t,

The want of need,
drives me outwards
other places, not yet
other loves, not yet
other thoughts, not yet
thought, about

What, I didn’t want
for want and need
are two different things
two ways to live
to love
to die trying
to convince my mind
that age is not important
and I will continue
wanting, needing

to do so


Author: notthedane56

My early morning thoughts have been spilling out upon my virtual paper, still free of worldwide computer vira, as far as I know? Just think, if my words actually were the result of an infection, corrupting and twisting the truth as others know it? Sounds a bit like blogging...

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