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On Her Mind

On her mind
the simplest of all
he waited and watched
her eyes light up
when he entered
the room,
Surprise!, he might
have yelled, waiting
for her accolades,
the tight embrace,
the promise of pleasures
of the night,
The joy she saw
the ultimate of her
Chocolate Truffles,
tied with bow, red
sealed with a kiss,
She reached out
wrapping her arms
around his body, pushing
his bewilderment out,
slamming the door
thus enjoying her
carnal desires,
her chocolate pleasures



My profile might reflect who I am, what I think and why I write what I do. My profile might just reveal the inner workings of a deranged mind, a helpless soul, and a self-destructive way of living. Don't worry. I'm OK. I've just lost sight of my little sister in the evening clouds....

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