My Ruler

I took out my ruler
to measure my day
no matter what I did
it always ended up short
in the wrong end, or long
in the other,

I took out my meter stick
which was much more accurate
than something that measured
the feet of Roman Men,
but it too lacked
a millimeter or three
when the sun went down
plunging me into darkness

Perhaps, I should use
Hydrogen, like in the Atomic Clock
the most accurate way, to measure my day
Alas, the Hydrogen Line became Caesium
and my thoughts became cooled
with liquid Nitrogen, but I still couldn’t
make the distance shorter
between me and you…..

Maybe, I’ll invent my own way
of determining the distance
between you and I, one not based upon
the inaccuracies of measuring things
that never were meant to be measured

If I am not being too specific
with atoms circling about
the nucleus, some of them
taking quantum leaps
into other concentric orbits
the smaller, larger picture being,
it all boils down, in absolute terms,
taking into account
how much I really miss you, and your smile
while I am living my life
in another frame of time

Absolutely yours
your time measured friend