What Was Her Name?

Would she tell me
if I stopped
following her around
as if she had dropped
her keys, which I
picked up meaning
to return them?

I thought, I recognized
her, or someone like her
and had the thought
that she and I could
make beautiful music together
or, was it the other woman
who looked almost like her
but who slipped away before
I could return whatever she had lost?

I really wish, if these women
would like to meet a nice guy like me
then they should slow down
and not seem to run away,

As I stood there, waving her keys
in her direction, she noticed me and smiled
at least I thought she did, but then she yelled
“Police! That man has stolen my keys!”

Which means that she smiled to the nice policeman
who is now driving me away, and I still don’t know
her name……


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