She Asked Me Once

She asked me once
should we be lovers?

Should we take the chance
and dive into the pool
of our shared emotions
letting the waters
drag us away
into each others arms?

Should we be lovers?
forsaking all others
present and imagined
taking the time, necessary
to listen, to feel, to enjoy
each others words
each others thoughts

Is this the time
when everything else
what we thought important
the people we’d known
the others around us,
shaking their heads, denying us
the pleasure, the admission
of what we both crave, demand,
need from each other?

Should we be lovers
the time had been right before
the longing that grew,
the distance shortened
the length of your smile
the distance between my indecision
and your sensibility

The decision
to hold onto what
others in our place
had decided, against all odds
and all the other voices, speaking in tongues
against the true, the eternal
the quality of your thoughts with mine,

Should we be lovers?
How many times, have I asked
myself, in my dreams
in my thoughts
in what I write
all of what reflects
the truth that is you

Should we take the chance
to take this moment
this second in our lives
and allow ourselves
to dream a dream
that someday,

We should
be lovers…….