Being a bit Tired

Would you, if I asked

let me lay my head upon your shoulder

and rest for a while?

It seems, as if life

has made me tired,

and I trust in you

to  do right by me,


If I have a chance

to dream a dream

of you and I,

just let me continue to sleep a while,

even though I might

mumble your name,

a time or perhaps two


Stroke my hair, and let me think

of the time, when we were together

wondering what life would bring

where it would take us, and how far we

would end up traveling together

on that journey?


I might just snuggle a bit deeper

in your warm embrace, after having

convinced myself, this was the best place

to be,

After having chased away the ill wished thoughts, and

the guilt-ridden feelings,

after having convinced myself

that this state of being, existing between you and I,

was never to be,


I took a chance, and you did too

-and the consequences of that act

-and the realization of that decision

-and the acceptance of that commonality

between you and I,

helped bring us to this place today,


My thoughts, my dreams

rolling around in my tired head,

churning my thoughts, and my dreams

mixing and resetting, the fears and the hopes

the chance that we all wish for, with some

having found, the peace and the solitude,

that I have found today,


I murmured, and awoke

chancing to look

into the deepest color, I’d ever seen

residing in your eyes,


the image of you and I


as we never

had smiled before…