Looking Back

Looking back
along the way
from where
I came from
ending here
along the wayside
not being the final
Never really knowing
just where that place
is going to be,
or who,
my chance companions
on the road
are going to be?
The things, we do
places, we’ve seen
people, we’ve met
known, loved,
interacted with,
scorned, fought with,
chased after, run away from,
hated and loved,
cherished and missed,
The people, who along
this stretch of road, having
just as many suitcases, baggage
filling their lives and needs, wanting
not less, nor more
than I,
Looking back
and looking forward,
those to the sides
filling in the spaces
telling me stories
the ones in my head
spilling out
upon my virtual paper
and others
reading, what I
am thinking
right now….