My New Cellphone, Shiny and Such

My new cellphone,
wanted too much of me
this and that
what I did not remember
not having that password
nor that android device
which I still could admire
and brag about from afar,

My friends, oohed and aahed
and wished they were me,
but all of my incantations
my lips blowing upon its glass,
couldn’t bring it to life,
without having the proper
ways and means,
my mother’s maiden name
and Bill Gates Uncle,
or, an Apple to chew,

I put it on the shelf
and told myself
how lucky, I was
over and over until
I convinced myself,
to leave it alone
and wait until, it decided
to wake up again,

My new cellphone, shiny and such
was way too advanced
for the likes of me
born, it seems
in the wrong Millennia
and on the wrong planet

-not being an Android,
as well….