Dog Day Near Ålbæk, Denmark

While celebrating my mother in-law’s birthday at my sister in-law’s holiday cottage, the dogs had their day.

I’d like to say that the sunshine was strong enough to ward off the incessant winds, but that would be stretching the truth a bit too much. The 8 degrees Celsius felt more like 4 degrees, but wearing a good, heavy winter coat and having a dog’s determination, made the day a bit more palatable in the April breeze.

After we reached the beach, the Kattegat Sea glistened in the April Sun, but the dogs just continued in their dog ways, and took no note of me and my observations.

Then we returned to the party, as could be seen,

as we neared the Danish Flag, Dannebrog, once again.

I’ve saved a few of the best photos for the end of this blog, in full size to capture the full effect of the day. Enjoy!



Source: Google Maps App. Apple iPhone 4s.


Source: Google Maps App. Apple iPhone 4s.

Only 21 minutes, until I ran out of Denmark……..


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