It seems

It seems
that you’ve tripped
and stumbled

And I
have watched you silently
as you picked yourself up
brushed off your pride
and excused yourself
for being clumsy, and all

I wish
there was a middle road
that didn’t involve
Life’s big questions
letting the past,
be that, which was passed

If only
you could be you
and me, me
then let the stumbling
blocks alone, and don’t worry
about falling again

Because we all
have moments
where life makes us
unsteady, and uncertain
with the ground moving
in unpredictable ways

I would like you
to remain the you of before
and not worry, that I
have lost faith in you
or, what you may
or may not say

So, the next time
that you chance to fall
and stumble a bit,
then ask me, if it has
never happened to me

Not being perfect, myself
I know the answer


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