You, and I think you know who you are, know about this delicate topic, but which now needs to see the light of day.

We have agreed, perhaps not on a verbal level, not to be thinking about each other, as it only gives us problems, being so distant from one another. The problem is that others, who do not understand, the not not part, might jump to conclusions about our relationship.

This blog will serve to clarify it for you.

If you and I spoke Spanish, which we don’t and probably won’t, it would be grammatically correct to use the double negative. If I was not, not thinking about you, then our other Spanish-speaking friends, might think that something was going on between us, which it is not, and as far as I know, we do not, have any Spanish-speaking friends. If in fact you do, then merely place a “not” in front of do not, thus solving that problem immediately.

It might be likened to reverse psychology, in which the reverse is true, but some might want to put a “not” in front of reverse, which would cancel out the “not, not” making it just psychology, which wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever.

If we could agree on a course of action, just not together, as we are not thinking of each other, and not involved with matters of the heart, which tend to make knotty problems of things at hand. If I said that I was not thinking about you, nor did I think, that I wouldn’t be thinking about you in the future, then some people might need a road map, or some sort of APP+Apple ID, which never seems to work for me, and what I cannot remember anyway, which is a good thing in a negative way!

If you are getting confused at this point, then I would congratulate you on getting this far, as all of these not, nots do tend to complicate the matter a bit.

If, in the future, when some part of you wants to think about me, then I want you to place a “not” in front of : I was just “not” thinking of you, but please don’t tell me of that, or I will be forced to place my own “not” in the return sentence, which might just mean that we actually were thinking about each other in the first place, and that was not, not my intention, whatsoever.

Not being yours truly

-not him….