Collecting memories
an easy thing to store
not having to like in old shoe boxes
stained with coffee,lost in the cellar, somewhere
lacking dates,
old photographs with people
whose names, I’d forgotten,
or just didn’t care
to remember,
But I’ll remember you,
not just because
you’ve touched
my heart and my head,
but because now I’ve revealed
too many things about my life
for you to forget,
Unless that is
we start being lovers
then we’ll have to make
our own
and forget about
the ones, we never

Elephants Charging

Elephants charging
dust rising,
the ground is shaking
and me?
I find myself, somewhere
between those elephants
and someone, who tests
jet engines, on a fairground,
where an all-horn band is
practicing, loudly,
The elephants, the jet-engine
the all-horn band, and my wife
who is asking me, why in the world
my head is aching without stop,
makes me wonder why I chose to go
to sleep in the first place, then awaking
with an elephant-jet-engine-all horn-wife-headache
which after taking the amount of pain-killers
of which, I was allowed, and thinking calm
non elephant all horn wife jet engine thoughts
but it still is saying, boom boom, boom to me?

and I like the sight of Elephants, anyway…

One Lizard, Two Lizard

In reading about “Rosie Culture*”.
a lizard
jumped into my thoughts
cold-blooded and
unmoving nearly,
staring in a reptilian way

My latent lizard needs
began to scream from the closet
let me out, set me free!
but there was no lizard
-you see

Having latent lizard thoughts
seemed to be gnawing at me
but they seemed to be hidden
from my sight, and bandaged leg

My friend didn’t understand
“you might as well have 2 lizards”
laughing and joking, as if it were
a dirty joke,
“then you could be comforted by them!”

Having 2 latent lizards though
was a comforting thought, all the same
when one was sleeping, the other could be
well…whatever latent lizards do in their spare time?

I envied Rosie and her lizard way too much
I might as well, have longed for something more
in my life, using the lizard theme as my guide,

Lizards anyone? No, of course not
being latent and all, I might as well have
latent girlfriend desires, while in the middle
of my marriage?
Time will tell as they say, showing me if those
latent desires will surface in the end….

It might be easier, owning those lizards
than having to explain my other latent desires
to my wife…..


Oceans of Words

Oceans of words
choppy seas
deserted shores,
walked I, while
she waited
in empty halls
staring out
of the windows
of her heart,
My words like
white doves
flying about,entering
her heart, just as she
closed the doors
and windows
on her hope
of finding
a bottle,
containing a note
written by me,
having bobbed about
on oceans of words
and choppy seas
of my solitude..