Monkeys on the Brain

Too many Monkeys
and not enough time
and too many Monkey Droppings
in my house,

They came to me
one night, when I was sleeping
after rolling drunks on the street,
and smashing windows on passing cars

Too many Monkeys
and not enough questions in my mind, like
why I would want them to visit me
in my home, when I only thought
a random thought about them

The might be,
the perfect excuse, not to show up
for work tomorrow,
or, perhaps to paint the town red
and go trolling for single women

I would be afraid, that they had changed
the locks, and would be toasting my demise
if I happened to come home, without letting them know

in advance?

A foreign woman hanging on my arm, and me
smelling of the night,

Would she still want me, if the monkeys
were still on my brain, ruining my thought
patterns, and leaving their calling cards
on my doorstep?

Monkeys on my Brain
I would drive them out of my thoughts,
but I’d hate being alone