She made me thirsty
for her love
I wanted to drown my sorrows
in the desert, she led me to
the dry, dry ways of her desire,
beckoned me onward

I wanted only to quench my thirst
a drop of water, a feeling of dampness
the moist feel of her lips on mine,
she drained me,
she left me high and dry,
but I, wanted more

I found her quiet pool
in the shadow of the glen
the ripples of her water
played my skin, like a harp
and lured me into the depths,
the coolness of her darkness,

The dry wind blew
over the waters, as if to call me back
the shadow of my form
darkened the bottom of the pool,
she drowned me, in the end
the cool waters, filling my lungs
with the essence of her

Drowning my thirst
in her love