Posted in Prose, Relationships

The Darkness Crept

In and around the edges

of my mind,


I walked furtively,

across the darkened fields, across the fallow

the abandoned, the leaves swirled

making patterns

of fear,


Looking back

her perfume still lingering on my collar,

her last words echoing

the bitter taste of her love

in my mouth


I drew my coat about me

as the blackness laughed and screamed,

lashing at my feet, and tearing at my heart


As she, whispering in my ear

“Escape was futile”,

drawing me back, the tendrils

clinging, through the deadening silence

to her lair


Where the darkness emanated

from her emblazoned eyes……




My profile might reflect who I am, what I think and why I write what I do. My profile might just reveal the inner workings of a deranged mind, a helpless soul, and a self-destructive way of living. Don't worry. I'm OK. I've just lost sight of my little sister in the evening clouds....

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