You have the advantage
over me, you might not think
that to be true,
but I feel it
and I know it,

You have the upper hand,
the stacked deck
the wide picture, and I
I wonder why you are
as you are,

You might think,
that we are different
that we would never
but I am sure that we would
if we could,

The most that I can do
is to worry about
what troubles you
and makes you silent
when I am not,

Then I know
that my comforting
thoughts, will have to
replace, my comforting
arms, with you being so distant
in time and space…

Rest assured,
I think about you, and if
I had the chance to tell you
and show you in person,

Then this blog would never
have been written, and I
would be sitting by your side,
telling you, how wonderful
a person, you really are

And you are…