Cause and Effect

The cheese melted

-the dog yawned, one ear rose


The door slammed, the wind blew

the door slammed anew


My heart ached

breaking my concentration,

which broke the picture frame, with her


The floor creaked,

refrigerator light, darkened

some cheese exited the kitchen

the dog stopped yawning, and listened


A tail wagged

I thought of her again,

the cheese was hunted

by 4 paws 4


I tried to drive her

out of my memory,

at least before, my wife found

my key chain, with her


-picture, shattered

-the dog reveling in cheese heaven

-the door slamming, my wife leaving

-the wind blowing, my heart mending


-my concentration


what of my concentration….?







Author: notthedane56

My heathen tendencies are waiting to blossom at the Mid-Summer Evening in Denmark. In a Country that professes to have an overwhelming population of believers in the Christian Faith, I am always reassured by their pagan ways, at least one night per year. I won't be throwing myself on the bonfire, but I plan on being warmed by the thoughts of the fun-loving Danes, burning witches at the stake, while singing songs and drinking beer!

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