Lie Here, She said

As I lie,

upon the ground, the sky

filled all of the spaces in my mind,


She began to draw around my prone

form with chalk,

“Don’t move”, she said, and continued

her work, with tongue out of her perfectly

formed mouth, swishing her hair, out of

her face,


“It is here”, she said, looking content

with my prone form, encased with yellow-pink chalk

and I,

I just had to admire her beauty,

being mine, alone


As I lie there, I heard

a most gentle sound, approaching,

“My love is coming”, I thought and waited


The car rolled over my now lifeless form

sliding off to one side, and stopping,

She stood over me, and admired my look

the last one, I ever took


“Perfect, almost” she said

nudging my leg back within the lines,

a perfect rendition, of Art resembling Life


She placed her tongue back in her mouth

and wandered off in search

of new inspiration……