Foreign Intentions

If only, I had

a bit more cash

I’d buy us a small cottage

where we first pledged

our love,

to each other


You could live there

it being just large enough

for your foreign intentions

and my undying longing

for you dear,


It is there

where we could wed

in name only, of course

for we are not ours to give

away, in our otherwise real



A small cottage

yellow in color,

and sound of Seagulls, crying

knowing that it will not



I do so miss

your foreign intentions,

and how the distance between

us, echoes

my loneliness,

and your tears


If only, I had….



Author: notthedane56

My early morning thoughts have been spilling out upon my virtual paper, still free of worldwide computer vira, as far as I know? Just think, if my words actually were the result of an infection, corrupting and twisting the truth as others know it? Sounds a bit like blogging...

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