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Sæby Harbor. 15 March 2017

Today, I visited my mother in-law in the Danish Town of Sæby.

Actually, all towns and cities in Denmark are Danish, but it made it sound a bit more foreign like that!

(website in Danish –


Here is the view from her apartment, close by the Harbor.


This one-way street leads from the Church seen in the background.


Lady of the Harbor statue in background.


Rescue Station for ships in distress


A one-dog journey along the Harbor Front.


Sæby’s official Seal – with Mother Mary and son – note the horseshoe


The Kattegat Sea on a blustery day


This area is (usually) filled with fishermen from April to Summer months.


No one to talk to today.


Some pleasure craft based in Sæby.


More horseshoes.


Regulations concerning disposal of garbage,and other items to interest visitors.


Remember to pick up after your dog.


Last photo looking  towards the main part of Harbor.

Sæby was granted Market Rights in 1524, if you wondered about that?

Here is a video about Sæby, if my pictures weren’t enough for you?

Next Blog about Sæby will continue with photos in and around its church!

PS All photos taken with iPhone 4S.





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