The Girl, The Car, The Key to the Kingdom

I figure after my long life that I am entitled to a bit more.

I want in the following order, these modest gifts:

  1. The Girl
  2. The Royal Car
  3. The Key to the Kingdom, or Royal Washroom

What if the King actually lives in exile, and has been waiting for the right guy to marry his unwed daughter, then ride off into the Sunset in the Royal Car, or Horse, possessing the key to the Kingdom, or the one to the Royal Washroom!

Can you see here, how generous I am, allowing these slight changes to the classic “wish list”? That is just the kind of guy, that I am, and how deserving that makes me.

  1. The Girl. Obviously a Foreigner, as they make the best mates! Why go after the European ones when others in, let’s say, former Colonies, would do even better? Considering how many Countries were former Colonies, the choices increase greatly.
  2. The Royal Car. Not a gas-guzzler, but a modern, roomy mid-range, most likely a Foreign Model. Look how many people drive BMWs, Lexus, and Teslas. Hey, over here even a Ford is a Foreign Model! Have I driven a “royal” Ford lately?. Nope, but…..
  3. The King, living a quite life in some remote backwater, in let’s say “3 Rivers” has been waiting to turn over the keys to the Kingdom/Royal Washroom. His whole life has pointed to this time, and I for one, wouldn’t want to deny him his happiness.

All I need now is a Fairy Godmother, or  someone in that branch of things, to wave their Magic Wand, most likely made in some exotic Foreign Country, and grant me my wishes!

And who would’ve thought that it would be announced on this Blog Site?

Just goes to show you, how unpredictable life might be…….