2 Shoes Talking

Shoe 1: Wow. I can’t wait until Summer comes again

Shoe 2: I don’t know. You have a way of striking out with women.

Shoe 1: Remember her, Sandy? The one with the open shoes, rubber with sand in the cracks? She and I hit it off right away!

Shoe 2: Yes, that’s true. Right until you told her that you were into leather. That made her turn heel and go.

Shoe 1: Then there was the one at the Nightclub. The one with High Heels.

Shoe 2: Wasn’t that the one with the ruby red finish, painted to kill?

Shoe 1: Yes, but when you said that she could rub polish on you anytime, she kicked you where you lived…. Unfortunately, that ended up being me, that got the pointy end of the matter!

Shoe 1: Yeah. It’s like my Father used to say, “You can’t walk in Women’s shoes, and you can’t walk without them”…..