Singing, not in any particular key

A moment of your time, is asked

on this most busy of all days,

I wonder, if you’ve forgotten?


Age is a funny thing,

making us laugh, at the wrong times,

reminding ourselves that we are only,

as young as the old person in the mirror,

and not a day forgotten, only filed away

in our sometimes forgetful



I would hope that if indeed

this day, your Birthday is,

you wouldn’t have forgotten

about me forgetting it?


I would of course, tell all

of my friends, not how inconsiderate

you were to forget,

but they are good at remembering

what you may have forgotten,


I hope, you have forgiven me

for not being the person, who you chose

to befriend, in the fond hope

that your birthday, remember I would?


Of which, I didn’t, you know…..