Our Day Together

We  hadn’t planned

to be together

on this fading Winter Day

in Denmark,


You wrapped your coat around you, while

the Cold Winds in Québec, threatened

your otherwise Danish Smile,

warming, as it was here today


I tried my best, to share with you

the hours, before we were

to part, again

We talked and laughed, as it should be

and I sensed the joy in your smile, and in your eyes,


When our time was over, I asked you not to cry

because tears were not necessary, not yet anyway,

and I took you in my arms, and gave you a hug

parting our ways, in the most warmest way,

and you waved goodbye, and I did as well,


Thus closing this Chapter, in the book of our lives,

but the book does go on, with Chapters unwritten

and smiles and laughter, and promises

to keep,

-and promises to keep, of who you are,

-and who I was, and collecting those facts

-and putting them in our mind’s files,

-and learning and laughing

-and smiling again,


and smiling again…


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