The J-word

I’ve played around with this word before, and do so still.

Why, you might ask? Why tempt fate, and cause distress with my better half?

Back to that later.


The J-word is another one of those tricky Guy Words that takes a bit of finesse to master. If you are lucky with it, you just might Score Big Time, but if it goes wrong, as things usually do, you’ll end up with less than you had in the beginning.

Am I talking in circles? Is anyone out there aware of the J-word? Well, it stands for jealousy, and we’ve all been down that road, haven’t we?

How to recognize it before it all goes bad?

Here is an example:

She is writing to you on her tablet, when she reveals that she, in essence, is sitting on her boyfriend’s lap, with her arms around him!

Rubber arms? Would be my question, if someone could type on a tablet and embrace her boyfriend at the same time, but then I digress.

Are you jealous yet? No?

You might be made of stone, or have had a very large roofing stone hit you where you live, in which case I wouldn’t worry too much about being jealous, especially seeing as how you walk funny as well!

What about her? Has she been jealous of you as well? Well, I’ve been successful with the J-word, by mentioning my wife! Some might say, “Are you really married, or just pretending?” Over 28 Years of Pretending! I should take it on the road soon, and tell the world what I have learned in those years….All right, but some good has to come of the M-word, wouldn’t you think?

Where was I? Oh yeah. In Denmark.

Some people would even be jealous of that fact. Hey, Do you have another Country to trade with me? As long as I don’t have to do French, then I think we can do a deal.

One more example for the road:

She says, “Have you been cheating on me?”, or perhaps “Has Linda crept back into your life, without me knowing about it?”, or the classic: “Have you remained faithful to your wife?”

See how all of those examples describe what we have experienced with the J-word?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m ready to re-read my blog about the S-word.

At least then, I’d be getting something out of my own advice……