The Dog Yawned

He did, he did


What is there to do

when a dog yawns?


Scratch him, and tell him

“You are my one and only”


The dog wagged his tail

“Feed me”, he said aloud


“Scratching is one thing, and even though

you can talk, you shouldn’t be demanding”

I said, and I meant it!


“Man’s best friend”, the dog muttered to himself

“Yeah right!”, and rolled over to sleep


“I wonder if my girlfriend was yawning?”

I said, and I wondered


And I wondered…


Author: notthedane56

My early morning thoughts have been spilling out upon my virtual paper, still free of worldwide computer vira, as far as I know? Just think, if my words actually were the result of an infection, corrupting and twisting the truth as others know it? Sounds a bit like blogging...

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