Who are we really, to one another?

Denmark. First day of March. Windy. Rainy. No one looks up from their umbrellas.


Dark and rainy. The dog still needs to go out.


Stormy weather.

Who are we to one another? Are we just strangers on the street, those waiting for a bus, or looking out at the rain?


Or are we just blurry images in the rain? Who wants to sight-see today, anyway?


On board the bus, the situation isn’t any different. Rain, and more rain.


In one way, we have the lousy weather to keep us together! I can easily remark to a total stranger, “What about this weather, huh?” without worrying that I have stepped on somebody’s toes.

“Yes, it is really bad news!” or, if a young person answered they would say, Mega, or Giga, or Not Cool, or Totally?

We love to complain, don’t we? The weather being no exception. Politicians, taxes and everything else that goes on in the world, doesn’t seem to change very much. We complain about those things as well, but the weather is well, nothing that anyone has control over, and that makes it special!

Especially, if you are the complaining type….17091316_1780515795609337_110735390_o

What is the outlook? Rain, rain, rain, light rain, then sleet to finish off the week.

I can’t wait to complain about the weather tomorrow with my colleagues at work.

That will be another thing that we have in common……



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