Monkeys on the Brain

Too many Monkeys
and not enough time
and too many Monkey Droppings
in my house,

They came to me
one night, when I was sleeping
after rolling drunks on the street,
and smashing windows on passing cars

Too many Monkeys
and not enough questions in my mind, like
why I would want them to visit me
in my home, when I only thought
a random thought about them

The might be,
the perfect excuse, not to show up
for work tomorrow,
or, perhaps to paint the town red
and go trolling for single women

I would be afraid, that they had changed
the locks, and would be toasting my demise
if I happened to come home, without letting them know

in advance?

A foreign woman hanging on my arm, and me
smelling of the night,

Would she still want me, if the monkeys
were still on my brain, ruining my thought
patterns, and leaving their calling cards
on my doorstep?

Monkeys on my Brain
I would drive them out of my thoughts,
but I’d hate being alone



Sushi, Thai, Punjabi

What this City offers
aromas, bitter looks
foreign tastes

I don’t feel as if
I have sampled enough
during my stay
while I swam about
in this concrete pool
of humanity

My senses
honed and sharp
for the hunt, the chase
the capture of what to sustain

The deed done
The unknown being conquered
Having fallen prey to,

Pastrami Pizza
in the wilds of Copenhagen….

Dead On My Feet

My legs have gone out
for a walk on the Wild Side

I wish they’d have told me
that so many hours would pass
before I could rest them again,
but they had a mind of their own,

My toes are humming as well,
I would hum along, but I don’t recognize
the tune?

I think, my socks are welded onto my feet,
or they’ve gone charcoal grey in color,
along the way?

Don’t pity me, really
because the foot massage lady is on the way
-but I might be asleep,

before she arrives in Denmark
from Canada…

I’ll just hum a little tune, while I wait
and hope that the Foot Fairy is kind to me
while I sleep,

while I……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


My Ice Cream

My ice cream melted
down the sides of the cup
over my fingers
and onto the floor,

I just looked at it,
wondering why there was a God
that would let such things happen?

I guess, those kind of existential thoughts
were reserved for greater minds than mine

Like the weatherman, the ice cream salesperson
-and the cleaning lady…….


The Floor Creaked

The floor creaked
my muscles ached
my eyes adjusted
to the morning fog

Just around the corner
the City of Copenhagen

I craned my neck,
and tried to see
the castles and towers,
-the City asleep,

The floor still creaked
and my eyes ached
and the fog still shrouded
my warmer intentions

Just around the corner
out of my sight,
the City went about its business
-while I went about mine

a word, an entity
encasing its story, its people
while I lurked
around the corner
out of sight

In my own corner
of a City called


The Wind Blew

The wind parted my hair today,

Not being expected, I took a mirror along

while I walked,


If I walked to the left, it parted to the left,

If I walked to the right, it parted to the right,


I told the wind, “It was time to part company”.


The Wind only laughed and said,”That is the part that I never

really understood, and blew onward”


I felt that we didn’t see eye to eye, and blew the other way to get

its attention.


The wind being rather disgruntled said,”We have now come to

the parting of ways”, and with that said,


It just blew me away with its indifference…..


The Darkness Crept

In and around the edges

of my mind,


I walked furtively,

across the darkened fields, across the fallow

the abandoned, the leaves swirled

making patterns

of fear,


Looking back

her perfume still lingering on my collar,

her last words echoing

the bitter taste of her love

in my mouth


I drew my coat about me

as the blackness laughed and screamed,

lashing at my feet, and tearing at my heart


As she, whispering in my ear

“Escape was futile”,

drawing me back, the tendrils

clinging, through the deadening silence

to her lair


Where the darkness emanated

from her emblazoned eyes……




She made me thirsty
for her love
I wanted to drown my sorrows
in the desert, she led me to
the dry, dry ways of her desire,
beckoned me onward

I wanted only to quench my thirst
a drop of water, a feeling of dampness
the moist feel of her lips on mine,
she drained me,
she left me high and dry,
but I, wanted more

I found her quiet pool
in the shadow of the glen
the ripples of her water
played my skin, like a harp
and lured me into the depths,
the coolness of her darkness,

The dry wind blew
over the waters, as if to call me back
the shadow of my form
darkened the bottom of the pool,
she drowned me, in the end
the cool waters, filling my lungs
with the essence of her

Drowning my thirst
in her love


The City and its Sounds

The train
moving along in the night
the station bathed
in the afterglow
of its presence,
I stood
considering my options
when the next, then the next
came and went, came and went
she stood looking
across the platform, into
the ensuing darkness,
I wanted
what she wanted in her dreams
that what I only could reach
across the darkness
between us,
the trains stopped,
the night’s darkness shattered
by my lifeless form, never
reaching across the bridge
of her dreams, before
the next train came,

and left again…


Her Foreign Ways

She was truly foreign
I felt that,
and I cherished it
-for what it was worth,

Her foreignness,
like a breath
of fresh air, left me
struggling to breathe
when I left her City
for another,

Just as foreign
with a different scent

of another
unknown woman….