I told her

a story, about us

and them


“If they were us, and we them

then you and I

would be



She shook her head in dismay

“Why would I want to be

them? They are not us, but

we are, who we are”


“I’ll try again”, said I, not being upset

“If you were her, and I him

then together we

would be us”


“The distinction, the

understanding of us being them

and not who we are, is not where I thought

we should be”, she said dejectedly,


“You see, slowly”, I said

“If we want to be us, and not them

then we could, figuratively,

be together, but only in our

imaginations, as it seems that

we, being us realistically

in your mind, not

possible is”


Metaphorically speaking….