I Used to Wish

I used to wish

for a simpler life, one only with

a cardboard box, and



No want of love, nor vibrant lovers

nor fancy cars, nor house payments



Then I found, my

new love, one without reservation,

without pain, nor striving,

The Ultimate,


Cleaning my kitchen

a noble deed, for no one but I

to enjoy,

Leave the kids to my wife, and the troubles

of life, of living, of loving, because..


I have the warmth and companionship

of a fine dog, and the satisfaction of

a clean kitchen


And Internet, of course

and I alone, enjoy

cleaning and polishing, and remarking

to myself, what a fine job

I have done,


And the dog is pleased

to be so close, and the silent hum

of the Internet, warming,

and the shine of the Range Hood,

reminds me of someone far away,


Who might have a kitchen, just

like mine…..


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