A Day in Northern Jutland – Rubjerg Knud Lighthouse

Where are we going today, Papa Smurf? To the Western Coast of Northern Denmark:

website: http://rubjergknude.dk/engelsk/cover-page/front-page/ (in English)


Source: Google Maps

After having left the top of Denmark at Skagen, the next stop for me would be this lonely corner of Denmark.

When this former lighthouse was built in the year 1900, it was already experiencing problems with sand intrusion. The Lighthouse was built at the highest point on this stretch of coastline, with over 200 meters to the coast. The builders could not have predicted the consequences of their labors.

In the 1920s large amounts of sand needed to be removed and driven away, while in the 1950 the sand had made it impossible to hear the foghorn. In August 1968 the Lighthouse was finally closed due to the height of the sand restricting the light from its tower from the ocean.

In 1988 I visited the Lighthouse for the first time and took this photo:

img224 The buildings seen around its base are gone today, but had once served as a museum.

The bricks are scattered about and used by others to make known of their visit.

mikkels-iphone6-pictures-091 mikkels-iphone6-pictures-092Photos taken from the Lighthouse, looking down.

It is estimated that the Lighthouse will fall into the ocean in 15-20 years, which is rather ironic with the sand getting ever higher, while the water erodes into the base of the Lighthouse.


Base of the Lighthouse.


A dirt road/path leads to the Lighthouse, seen in the far background.


A view of the Lighthouse and surrounding dunes.


A panoramic view of the Lighthouse and its nemesis, the sand.


The remaining structures at/around the Lighthouse


Looking down from the top of the Lighthouse.


The sign at the Parking Area. (Fyr= Lighthouse in Danish)

If any of you wondered, about the sightings of Canadians, then the answer is Yes. One Canadian Girl was found to be at this stop……


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