The H-Word, Honesty

Now we’ve reached the H-word in your Guy Dictionary. Take a deep breath and remember, this is only my opinion!

When I was young, my parents did as all other parents did: Tell me and my siblings to tell the truth, and that Honesty was the Best Policy!

Looking back on those days has made me wonder if my Father, who was making the family fortune go down the tubes with his gambling debts, told my Mother the whys and whats of his situation? Probably not, because he usually locked himself in his office at home,  locking out any kind of reality that might come his way, like paying the bills, or petting the horses and their jockeys at Hollywood Park Horse Racing Arena!

The H-word is another tricky one for us Guys. My own wife has told me that I needed to be honest with her, no matter what. OK. I can do that. “You know about that Canadian woman who was here last year?” – Reluctant Nodding – “Well, she is returning to Denmark with her friend, and I’ve thought about picking her up at the Airport, taking them Sightseeing, then making them Dinner at our house….” You see how great the H-word can be? I even repeated my intention for doing so a number of times, but she was still on the poor side of understanding, when it finally happened!

The H-word is something that your partner says, that they want to know about, but probably really don’t? That is one of those tricky things about women. No. I am not generalizing here, it has happened to me many times, and on no less than 2 Continents!

Here is another use of the H-concept, that doesn’t really mean what it sounds like:

“I believe in complete and utter honesty, and in doing so, will not change the way that I feel about you, no matter what!”

Watch out for that one, as she might already have ordered a locksmith to change the locks on the house, throwing you and your sorry butt out, where the sun don’t shine!

Here is another obvious trap, “Are you cheating on me behind my back?”

The Honest you would want to put your partner at ease, by telling them the truth, but you hesitate. “Uh”, Right here you are in trouble, because the use of the word, “Uh” tells your partner, that her worst fears might be true, and you have been soaking up some local color, or whatever they call it today?

The next question might be, “Are you communicating with her without me knowing it?”

That is much easier, but only if you are completely honest, “No. I am communicating with her, but if you’d like to see, what we’ve written to each other, then it won’t be behind your back!”. At this point, you need to remember, if your correspondence contains any photos of each other, like her wearing her sexy, furry socks, or her favorite T-shirt “Intelligence is Sexy” possibly showing more of her assets, than your wife would be comfortable with?!

Remember to use the H-word carefully, or she might use it back at you.

I would suggest that you beat her to the punch, and lay your cards on the table. Honesty being the best policy,  would dictate that you either lead the life of a monk, or do as you usually do, and hope that she believes your lies to be truths all the same.

No, I did not consciously mention the L-word here, but if you are involved with the H-word, then the L2-word probably won’t be far behind.

Oh yes, the L2 world is not about Love or Lentils, but rather: Lie, Lying, Lying through your teeth. Lying while lying with someone else.

But remember, it is still only my opinion here, and the true path of righteousness must be traveled by you and you alone.

If you are lucky, her shadow might blend into yours, which would keep you on the richer side of being Honest, and that is the best side of that word to remain on.

Even if you have to lie to do so……..