I Asked My Dog

Seeing as how today, a day when we were alone, just he and I, what we should eat on that occasion?

I suggested a tortilla, filled with cheese, which he was not adverse to, but then being a dog of means, then food was food, but

Then I decided to cast danger to the wind, and suggest that in addition, we could put some Kale in said tortilla, which made him quiet. As quiet can be.

Alone was I not entirely, as my 2 teenage children were milling about, lost in their ways, of being teenagers and such, but not enough, caring to join my dog and I, in wondering if Kale would indeed be something to write home about?

The wife was out and about, not eating Kale Tortillas, nor pondering what the teenage children were wondering, lost in their Cell Phone worlds, not wondering at all about the rest of us. And there was material to be purchased, in which I asked most foolishly, is there something you need? No, yes was the answer, as material always can be used, and the saving of money by buying it, now was most prudent.

Just not as prudent as wanting to eat my cheese and Kale tortilla, and the dog, waiting patiently, for a morsel or two, to fall his way, and seeing as how, he agreed completely and without reservation that Kale was indeed a most delicious addition!

My thoughts foolishly dwelt upon something, which I too could justify in purchasing, a power supply to my computer. Had I such a beast, no and not then either, but thinking that the rest of the PC would come, if I called it forth by having purchased a power supply, without having anything else at all. And that power supply is languishing about, never having had a PC to power, and I with egg on my face, due to using money for something that I did not have a use for, like material, but convinced myself of its need all the same.

Down went the Kale tortilla, as my dog, faithful in his waiting, for a morsel, or two, which should almost have been the whole tortilla, Kale and all, due to my writing ponderings, which have only left him the hungrier, indeed!

It would have been tastier, if I hadn’t wasted time on writing this blog, and my dog, faithful would have been sleeping already, with portions of my Kale tortilla sleeping as well, in his stomach…