This might as well be called the F-word in your Guy Dictionary. I might finally be making that million Pesetas with an idea like that, if there were Pesetas, that is.

Guys need to watch out with words. Like I said about the L-word and the R-word, the F-word is just as dangerous to throw about.

It might be like, “Don’t you have any feelings at all?” Don’t worry about this question. This is just one of those parallel questions that don’t concern the L-word, not unless you are really into slinging around your vocabulary with the Big Boys?

The next one might sound like this, “I have Feelings for you”. Watch out. This is an obvious trap, as things seem to go. You might be telling someone, “No. I don’t fall for every girl, but sometimes I might have Feelings for them”. Note the use of “might” here. I like words that are more of a diffuse nature. Like “Might, maybe, perhaps, I’m not sure, I’ll have to think about it, let’s not rush into things, Are you really sure that I am the father”, and so on.

Most Guys don’t worry about those types of words. They think of things like “Alcohol+Getting Lucky+Don’t Pass Out Before She Says Yes = Don’t Bother Calling Her a Second Time!

I still love words, even though I try to use them correctly and safely, without having to resort to explaining to my wife, why so many Foreign Dictionaries seem to be lying about in my office. “Thinking about romancing Foreign Women?” She might ask, knowing that is how she trapped me into expressing my F-words, My R-words and finally the L-word, in the first place!

“What goes around, comes around”, you might say, but even those words are dangerous in their own way.

It seems like, I’ve gotten off the subject at hand, talking about feelings, but then that is what us Guys seem to do best, and I for one am not ashamed of that characteristic at all!

Before writing this blog, I tried to jot down some keywords for this and future blogs. You know, the type of things that bring Guys and Gals together?


Feelings, sensitive, commitment, respect, concern Hub Caps, Timing Chain – 4 on the floor, Fearsome Foursome, I’m leaving you for the mailman, fog lights, CC’s stacked loaded fired up, hit the floor running, disposition, relate to one another.

I don’t know about other Guys, but I’ve never been good at reading between the lines………