I’d like to say that I’ve forgotten about her. I almost have, but then….

Every time it snows, I think of her. The way that she smiled, how her eyes lit up, when she spoke about us, how she made me feel….

Then the cold followed. The snow remained, just a bit more icy than before. Difficulties mounted, travel was made difficult, her mood changed as the barometer went up, or down

I wished, I prayed for a thaw, a lessening of emotions, a way to a means to release the tension between us….

Then it snowed again. I loved how she smiled every time I stumbled on the icy walkways, with her picking me up and dusting me off, holding me close, and……

I wish the winter would have no end, no spring to entice, no thoughts of anyone else, no want of anything, but snow…

Spring announced its arrival, and she, her departure

Things were changing, and we along with them

When the thaw began, she left me, she couldn’t take anymore, we couldn’t snow together…..

Every time it snows, I think of her, and I wonder……