Things, That I Forgot to Remember

Sometimes, my memory plays tricks on me.

Sometimes, I forget what I should remember, but then I remember, but not as long as it will take me to forget.

Like important dates. No, not the kind where I meet some foreign person, being someplace where she shouldn’t be, meeting with someone who shouldn’t be meeting with her, but considers doing so anyway, if he remembers to do so, anyway.

But that is not about me, and I would disavow any knowledge of that, if I remember to do so.

No, dates like the Queen’s birthday. When the Royals have a birthday in Denmark all of the buses in the Country fly small Danish Flags from the Top/front of the bus. Easy right? If only they did that when the Queen alone had a birthday, and not all of the Princes, and the Crown Prince and his wife, and his brother, who would be second in line to the throne, if his older brother didn’t get himself born first, and so on.

I remember how Fred Flintstone always remembered his wedding anniversary. It always fell on Garbage Day! His friend and neighbor, Barney Rubble, wished that he could be as lucky as Fred!

Nope. No shortcuts for me. The most important days probably would be Birthdays, but the older we get, the less important they seem to be. Others, though, seem to revel in that fact, but only if those forgetful types tend to remember them? I should tie a string on my finger, or better yet, make some sort of digital reminder on my Cell Phone.

The next problem would be some sort of Tone to remind me of that/those events. As I’ve gotten older, the lower tones are harder if not impossible to hear. What if I chose something loud and raucous instead? Might be a plan, but what if that event isn’t concerning someone who has received the Stamp of Approval from my wife? “Why would you want to remember Canada’s National Day?”, She might ask. I then would have to make up some plausible story about how the Canadians, not necessarily any that have visited us in the past, were really celebrating some sort of Danish Holiday, disguised as their own, sort of like Norway and Sweden pretending that they are Sovereign Nations, and not still a part of Denmark!

How to celebrate these forgotten events? Well, Memory Training might be a start, otherwise celebrating them won’t be necessary, which might just save me a load of money, and the embarrassment of not remembering, which I didn’t anyway.

At the end of this blog, I can see that I still can’t quite relate, just what I needed to tell you that I’d forgotten to remember?

Perhaps the Queen will forgive me anyway, seeing as how I’d forgotten her Birthday over the past 25 years anyway.

I’ll write another blog, if I do see those flags on the buses,

but only if I remember to do so……


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